Added value for all stakeholders of a sports event

Fan Engagement

Emotional connections through interaction.

Sponsoring Opportunity

Brings a sponsor's brand or product to life.


Spectacular and dynamic aerial video live streams.

Today cameras, advertising and brand communication in public settings and events is often limited to displays and billboards, sometimes making it very difficult to create lasting and engaging connections with customers and audiences. AEROTAIN offers new and innovative ways to interact with audiences. Our patented flying machine can take virtually any shape and makes brands and products airborne. This allows us to create fun, interactive, and memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to the ability of carrying broadcasting equipment, we can record and stream videos and images of from above the field! In combination with a branded hull making advertising more of an interactive experience. Skye is absolutely unconstrained and moves freely, on demand, automated or with our skilled pilots at controls, and at any given time! This is a new and yet to be seen way of advertising that will change the way people experience all future events.

AEROTAIN SPORTS is offered as a worldwide full service from project conception to execution.

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Media Kit


With its agile but classy and elegant flight characteristics, AEROTAIN's Skye is the Bentley of aerial platforms, offering new horizons in aerial entertainment. Lifted by helium and powered by electrical motors which are merely used for movements, Skye is like an eye in the sky: It can perform any translation while having any orientation. Thanks to this patented technology, astonishing movements such as a rolling football can be flown. No currently available UAV allows such a degree of freedom. Unique safety features enables it to fly over crowded places and closely approach people. The visibility leads to a friendly appearance and can be used to depict a product for advertising purposes and even take its shape. Scaleable payloads enable Skye to carry heavy cameras for live streams and aerial cinematography.


Touch it in flight!


Perform every movement you can imagine!


Astonish people!

Our Services

AEROTAIN offers fun and interactive flying solutions to creatives and boosts the attention and coverage of brands and products. Our modular platform allows various designs and is perceived more organically, contrary to most robots. This allows it to be smoothly implemented into various event settings.

We cover the whole process from idea to execution. At the event, an experienced pilot is assuring a high level of customer satisfaction and can precisely address your individual requests.

Individual design / branding

Skye's surface can be designed individually, for instance to depict a product or to show the name of a brand.

Attention through movement

Due to the high agility of Skye, it attracts peoples attention effectively.

Recall by audience due to engaging experience

With interactive entertainment concepts, such as aerial selfies or a life-stream, people can be engaged to interact with Skye, resulting in significant recall of the brand.



As a flying whiteboard Skye can take any shape and design in order to depict your product.


Skye is safe enough to be touched in flight - unseen interaction concepts are possible.

Aerial Imagery

We provide a full HD live stream of your event from the air.

Your Application

We are keen to hear about what you want to realize with Skye!


With more than four years of experience, we can look back on many successful events all around the world whose organizers were relying on Skye to provide an outstanding experience for their audience. A selection of past events includes:


Interactive flight above the audience in the Zurich Kaufleuten


International conference for the software community. StageOne, Zurich Oerlikon


A glowing moon was rising as a preshow element in the Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles

Long Night of the Careers

Job fair for students and alumni of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. UZH Lichthof

Bay Area Science Festival

Demonstrations inside the USS Hornet aircraft carrier as well as the famous AT&T park baseball stadium in San Francisco

APAC Innovation Summit

Show element and flying camera during the opening ceremony. HKSTP Hong Kong

Cambridge Science Festival

Skye was entertaining and astonishing thousands of kids during the festival in Boston


Science fair hosted by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Live video streaming in ETH main building

Wyss Zurich Inauguration Ceremony

Special flying surprise during the aperitif of the Wyss Zurich Inauguration Event. Co-production with Michael Somoroff


Our vision is to bring flying machines closer to people's lives. Skye started as a research project back in 2011 as a collaboration between Disney Research Zurich and the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. Throughout our studies we've conducted multiple related projects which advanced the technology in several dimensions. With their master’s theses at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Daniel and Matthias could further extend our knowledge on UAVs. Our expertise consists of many fields of robotics such as perception, navigation and control but also includes product development.

Andreas Schaffner

Andreas loves everything that flies! He's building and flying model airplanes ever since the was five years old and is indisputably Skye's chief pilot.

Daniel Meier

When not cruising around with Skye, you might see Daniel flying a Piper on flight level 100.

Matthias Krebs

Despite coordinating our engineering efforts, he is also passionate about flying and hacking drones of all kinds.

We are supported by an ETH Pioneer Fellowship, the Gebert Rüf Stiftung as well as Venture Kick and are based at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (ieLAB):

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